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What our customers are saying about RESINAWAY®

"Safer and better results than alternatives! and it's boss at cleaning models!!"

"Better call it 'IPA Away'! 😉👌"

"Just started my first bottle. Love it! Never gonna use IPA again due to the fumes!"

"Great stuff. I love ResinAway. I need to buy more!!
as quick as IPA. I can leave it sealed in my Ultrasonic Cleaner and just keep adding to it."

"Because it lasts over 40x longer than IPA, doesn't smell like cheap vodka and is environmentally friendly"

"Still using IPA? Do yourself a favour and switch to ResinAway today!"

"Love the product! Was hesitant/ sceptical at first. But I purchased 2 litres, have run about 20 prints through a half litre, and that half litre is still going strong. Filter it, pour it back in the sonic cleaner, and good to go. Well worth the money, easy cleanup, and safer!"

"I've always been sceptical about 'magical' products, but ResinAway really does some magic to the prints!"

"I'm using RA from almost one month. RA is really strong with an good consistency and smells nice compared to IPA. In the post process, I was always using safety gloves but with IPA I was still experiencing dry skin on hands. With RA, I don't have this problem anymore! When I'm cleaning printed parts I put them into a pre-wash RA bath and remove the excess with a soft brush. Then I put them into my Ultrasonic bath for only 5 minutes."

"I Love ResinAway.
1. It rinses your prints clean.
2. It won't cloud your prints.
3. When cleaning up tools and resin vat. I only have to use a teaspoon and it cleans up quick.
4. It cuts clean up time in half.
5. A little goes a long way.
6. Itdoesn't evaporate!
What is not to love!"

"IPA cracked a whole bunch of long hard printers yesterday so I am after an alternative!"

"Lasts longer and is much safer than IPA"

"Yay something that won't burn my chest or my condo down like IPA."

"After using 1 litre of resin, my first batch of ResinAway still cleans as good as 2 weeks ago."

"I am using ResinAway for 2 weeks and find this to be much easier to use than IPA. It cleans my models better than IPA, gives a less matte finish, is very easy to clean tools with and it also lasts longer than IPA."