Monocure 3D CMYK Pigment set is intended for use with Monocure 3D resin so custom colours can be created to suit individual needs. These pigment dispersions are designed to work with 3D printing applications where UV light is used to cure resin layer by layer.

We use a simple but highly effective approach to anchoring dispersant onto pigments to significantly increase print performance. Our pigment dispersions do not effect performance across our resin systems, Increased stability is achieved by cross-linking of the dispersants to create a robust polymer shell, entrapping each pigment particle.

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Price: AUD$146.30 (4 x 30ml + 2 x 1ltr)
Pigment Starter Kit - CMYK 3D CMYK PIGMENT RAPID STARTER KIT (500ml)
Price: AUD$93.50 (4 x 30ml + 2 x 500ml)
Pigment - CMYK 3D CMYK PIGMENT SET (4 X 30mls)
Price: AUD$27.50 (30ml Dripper Bottle)
Pigment - Black 3D CMYK PIGMENT - Black (30mls)
Price: AUD$11.00 (30ml Dripper Bottle)
Pigment - Yellow 3D CMYK PIGMENT - Yellow (30mls)
Price: AUD$11.00 (30ml Dripper Bottle)
Pigment - Cyan 3D CMYK PIGMENT - Cyan (30mls)
Price: AUD$11.00 (30ml Dripper Bottle)
Pigment - Magenta 3D CMYK PIGMENT - Magenta (30mls)
Price: AUD$11.00 (30ml Dripper Bottle)
Shake well before each use. Slowly drip the pigment solution into Monocure 3D resin and mix well until desired colour is reached. To obtain the same colour density of our pigmented Rapid Resin, you will need to add approximately 9 drops of the pigment dispersion to 100mls (NB 4 drops = 1ml). Adding too much pigment can result in slower curing times and potentially inhibit the cure completely.

The pigment solution can be added to our white resin or clear depending on the finish you are after. When adding to the white base resin an opaque finish will result. If you add to the clear resin a transparent look will result. The more pigment you add, the more solid the colour will become, but remember by adding too much could result in curing and build plate adhesion issues. Please be extremely cautious when handling the pigments as they will stain very easily.

Safety Information
Pigment dispersions are safe to use, but it is always recommended to read and understand the safety and technical information before use.