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Will Moncure Standard or Rapid Resin will work with my 3D Printer?
Please use our Resin Compatibility form to find out which resin is best suited to your 3D printer. We have tested our resin with a number of DLP 3D printers and have not had many compatibility issues. Monocure 3D resin has a very wide range of reactivity, UV wavelengths of 225nm to wavelengths of 420nm. Contact us if you are not sure and we can offer you some guidance.

What is a good place to start with my settings with the
Wanhao Duplicator 7 printer?
Monocure RAPID: 4 base layers at 60 seconds, 7-second normal layers and 50mn resolution.
Monocure STANDARD: 20-second layers, 4 base at 90 seconds and 50mn resolution.

What resin and settings should I try on my Anycubic Photon?
Please use our Monocure RAPID Resin: 4 X 100-second base layers, 10 -12-second normal layers and set off time to 6. Start with 50mn layer height.

What resin & settings should I try for my Phrozen Shuffle?
Please use our Monocure RAPID Resin: 4 X 60-second base layers, 7 - 9-second normal layers with a 4mm lift. Start with 50mn layer height.

What resin should I use with the MoonRay Printer?
Monocure Standard formula works very well in the MoonRay. Just use the settings in the printer as you would with the proprietary resin.

What resin & settings should I use for my Uniz Slash?
Please use the Standard resin for the Slash and we suggest you start with 6-second normal layers at 250W power with a 2 second cooling time. The Rapid resin will work if you use these settings: Profile Slash 50um: Led Power 100 / Bottom 25.5s / Layer: 15 sec

What resin & settings should I try for my Peopoly Moai?
Please use the Standard resin for the Peopoly Moai and we recommend you lower the laser output power to (53mw).

What Resin & Settings should I use for the Wow SparkMaker Printer?
Please use Monocure Rapid for the fastest results. Try 60-second bottom layers, 10-sec normal layer exposure, at 50mn layer height and 255 brightness.

What resin and Settings should I use for my SparkMaker FHD?
Rapid Resin, 4 x 60second bottom layers and 10-second normal layers, at 50micron layer height.

How is Monocure 3D RAPID resin different from the STANDARD formula?
Our Rapid Resin has been developed for low powered LED DLP type printers (like the Wanhao D7, Anycubic Photon & Wow Sparkmaker) so it can have faster layer curing times. The STANDARD resin will cure at layer speeds of 15-20 seconds, while the RAPID will cure at 5-8 Seconds depending on the layer thickness.

At what Temperature will cured Rapid or Standard resin start to lose its form?
Between 65-75C you will start to notice a slight softening of the resin, it will handle over 100C depending on the thickness of the walls.

How can I use the FLEX100™ resin?
FLEX100 can be used on its own or by mixing with our Rapid/Standard colour range to produce varying degrees of flexibility and firmness. By adding a small amount of FLEX100 to the resin would create a less brittle and more durable part. By adding larger amounts, the more flexible it will become.

IMPORTANT: When mixing FLEX100 with RAPID RESIN please ensure that you cure for a long enough time to fully cure the flexible resin. This is a slower curing resin and takes more UV exposure to fully cure. Although the part might look perfectly formed, if it hasn't been cured for long enough, over time cracks may appear due to the resin being under cured.

Why are my parts cracking?
This is usually a sign that the layers have not been cured long enough. Please increase your layer time and or decrease the layer height. Also, extra-long post-curing with a 405nm LED UV light also can also over-come this.

What's the best method for using PLATEBOND™
Open the twist top dispenser and squeeze a small line of PLATEBOND™ across one end of the build plate. Use a paint scraper to smear the product across the entire build-plate surface. The PLATEBOND™ will combine with the first two base layers of resin and help the 3D model adhere to the build plate thanks to the advanced formulation. This product is safe to use and highly recommended before every print.

Can I use Monocure 3D resin more than once?
The resin can be used unlimited times, if it is strained with a fine strainer after each use, and kept away from any UV light source, including sunlight, during this process. Also, it is important not to contaminate the resin with foreign liquids such as water or IPA, dust, dirt or other particles.

How do I wash up & handle Monocure 3D Resin?

Our resin should be washed up using Monocure 3D RESINAWAY or IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), dried with compressed air or lint-free cloth, post-cured under a 405nm UV light and then rinsed with running water. Spills should be cleaned up using RESINAWAY or IPA, followed by water, with absorbent cloths to assist. When handling the resin you should always wear gloves and safety glasses. Be careful not to get the resin on your skin as it may cause a slight irritation (see SDS for more details).

How do I dispose of ResinAway once it is contaminated with Resin?
You can pour the used ResinAway into a tray and place in the sun. This will allow the liquid to evaporate, then any solids remaining can be thrown away in the normal garbage. Alternatively, please follow your local governing body's guidelines for solvent disposal.

How should Monocure 3D resin be stored & what is the shelf life?
In the container that it came in and in a dark, cool place indoors. Also, ensure the lid is on securely & never allow it to have prolonged exposure to the sun. If stored correctly the resin should last 12 months. After this period, if you give the resin a good shake and see particles in the resin then it is time to dispose of it.

Can I mix different colours to create a personalised colour?
Good question! We believe that this should be OK on most occasions, but we can't guarantee that the resin will act as promised if you mix the colours. It is important to understand that different colours require varying amounts of photo-initiator, so when mixing some colours there may be problems with curing and the durability of the resin once it is cured. We would suggest you only mix enough to make a small 'test' model to ensure it will work as expected. We will not refund resins that have been mixed, so this will be done at your own risk! Alternatively, you can purchase our CMYK pigment set to create custom resin colours.

What UV wavelengths will Monocure 3D resin cure at?

Monocure 3D resin has a very wide range of reactivity, UV wavelengths of 225nm to wavelengths of 420nm. For best results we recommend 405nm. By incorporating a blend of photo-initiators, monomers & sensitizers, almost any light source can be used to initiate the polymerization process of our resins.

What's the best way to post-cure Monocure 3D resins?

DLP 3D printers will cure the resin to about 80% after printing is complete, leaving the surface feeling tacky. The best way to 'post-cure' the resin is to put your 3D printed model into a UV lightbox at 405nm after cleaning up with RESINAWAY or IPA. For best results and to avoid the parts turning cloudy, after RESINAWAY wash, use compressed air to remove excess, then use a 405nm LED light. The longer you post-cure the models, the more robust they will become. Please be aware that the lower range of UV (255 - 400nm) may cause the part to cure with a yellow tinge. It's not recommended to use the sun for post-curing, It can cause the parts to go yellow.

Why does the resin go cloudy when I put it in IPA or water?
Straight off the printer the surface of the resin is still a bit soft, uncured and is not water-soluble. When you place the printed part in water or IPA, it causes it to go cloudy. Instead, use Monocure 3D RESINAWAY for wash up, then ensure excess is removed by using compressed air or dabbing with a lint-free cloth. Place in a UV lightbox for post-curing.

Where are Monocure 3D resins manufactured?

In beautiful Sydney, Australia. We have had over 30 years of experience with UV cured products, mainly for the tradition printing, packaging & label industries. Our chemists are highly specialised in all area's of UV curable resins and would be happy to assist if you have any technical issues or questions. We are also keen to work with you to develop specialised products if required. Please send us a message on our website or call the office direct on (+612) 9644 9611 & ask to speak with Charlie Anderson.

Help! I need technical assistance. Is there someone that I can contact?
Don't worry! We are an Australian Manufacturer and Monocure 3D resin was developed & made in our factory in Sydney. We export Worldwide, so queries from outside Australia will be handled promptly. We have a number of highly qualified chemists that would be happy to assist if you have any technical issues or questions. We are also happy to work with you to develop specialised products if required. Please send us a message on our website or call the office direct on (+612) 9644 9611 & ask to speak with Charlie Anderson

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